Larry Shatzer is a minister at the Southside church of Christ in Zephyrhills, Florida.   The link below is to multiple research references and slide presentations that he has made over the years.  Larry reads and researches constantly.  His materials constitute hundreds of hours of study and careful thought in light of the word.  We thank Brother Larry for this notable contribution! 

The late W.E. Skipper was the General Manager and speaker of One Gospel Minute that aired on the International Gospel Hour. His son attends the Okeechobee church and passed along these Sermon Charts and Outlines. These are chart sermons that his dad would use as sheet sermons or place them on a felt board. Enjoy these four volumes. Mike says his late father would love to see them shared.

Jackie Stearsman preached for the Central church of Christ in Clearwater, from 1973-1986 before moving to work at the Florida School of preaching in Lakeland, Florida.  In Clearwater, he wrote a publication entitled "Are You Sure?" that was mailed into about 30,000 homes in the community monthly.  This publication is full of articles addressing fundamental evidences for the Christian faith.